Fall Honor Roll

How you play the game truly is an important part of athletic events. In recognition of their good sportsmanship, fall sports teams for Goochland High School were named to the Virginia High School League (VHSL) 2022-23 Fall Sportsmanship Honor Roll.

VHSL’s Sportsmanship Honor Roll recognizes schools that had no player or coach ejections or programs placed on warning status during each sports season. “We are proud to have started off the school year on the right foot and hope to continue that through the winter and spring seasons,” GHS Athletic Director Joe Fowler said.

For the 2021-22 school year, GHS received the VHSL Stay in the Game award for having no sportsmanship violations for the entire school year. “I believe that our core values contribute to the high expectations that we have for our athletes to be responsible citizens in the classroom and during competition,” GHS Interim Principal Michael Wright said.

“Sportsmanship is an expectation for all of our student-athletes and coaches,” Fowler said. “This expectation is established by our coaches and reinforced by the parents. As the only public high school in the county, we represent more than just our school. When you wear a "G" on your chest, you are representing the entire community.”

“VHSL activities are an extension of the classroom, and teaching sportsmanship is an essential part of the education process. In addition, sportsmanship is one of the greatest skills we can instill in our student-athletes,” VHSL Executive Director Dr. John W. “Billy” Haun, Ed.D., said. “Let’s celebrate this fall’s VHSL Sportsmanship Honor Roll, say thank you to the student-athletes, school staff, and community members of these schools recognized during the fall season, and challenge all our member schools to be on the winter honor roll.” “I want to commend our coaches for always maintaining a high standard of excellence and for modeling good sportsmanship, no matter the outcome of our games,” Wright said. “Go Bulldogs!”